Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thank you to all parents for all you volunteer and donate and do for your kids and their education.  It is simply wonderful to see how involved you all are. Seeing them happy and learning (and well fed at snack time :) at school makes me so happy! You all deserve a big 

The book sent home this week has a few place names (places where the little dog is hiding) that your child cannot read. This is ok. We'll be working on learning these places this and the following week. If you are helping them read, mainly focus on the parts on the white sign, the repeated phrase asking if they have seen the dog.

You can help them practice the possessive form by asking them whose things are whose. They should answer with a name followed by the 的 "de" (which is pronounced like "duh")

If your child likes playing on the computers, the Confucius Institute Online has some fun games and stories to help them practice and play with Chinese.

 for example, here's a fun  and quick little Character recognition game.

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