Thursday, February 25, 2010


Just a reminder that there will be a little quiz tomorrow on the three words this week
help (bangmang)
rest (xiuxi) and
wash dishes (xiwan)
as well as a few review words.
This quiz will be listening only. I will say the word in Chinese and they need to know what it means. These quizes are not put on their grade. They are for me to see how much they are getting and where I need to spend a little more time.

Thanks for all you do!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Field Trip

Thanks thanks thanks to all parents for the help today.

Because of the crazy schedule and getting back late, homework folders will be sent home tomorrow.

For those of you reading at home, we are on the book "Take a rest"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Field Trip

The following parents have contacted me to come on the Monday field trip. If you see your name and for some reason now cannot come, or else would like to come and do not see yourself, please let me know. Otherwise, we will plan on the following list.

From my P.M. class

Lexie's mom
Nik's dad
Jenna's mom


Tanner's mom
Jessica's mom
Landon's mom
D'mitri's mom
Devin's mom

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thanks to everyone for coming and helping with the Chinese New Year party! What an awesome PTA we have! Xie Xie da jia! (Thank you everyone!)

Here's a few pictures form the event.

video clip from fox 13 news

An idea: We know that these kids (and you parents) are going to be together in this program for quite some time. So it would be good if you all had a chance to know each other, arrange play dates for your kids, do homework together etc etc. At the very least, have a copy in your hand of all the names of the children and parents and a way to contact them.

So. If you are interested in including your name in such a directory, will you please email me your
1) First and Last name
2)Child's name
3)Phone number you can be reached at
4)email address
5)home address

Just include the information you'd like others to see. Thanks!

Also, we are celebrating 100's day tomorrow. There was a note sent home about that in the homework folder.


This is what I heard back about the Step by Step books for those of you who would like to purchase a set.

Your parents may order individually online at or by calling 1-800-962-8061. They are welcome to submit an order as a group, but they would have to arrange that between themselves as they would if they ordered from any other store.

Shipping time would depend on what method they chose.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Because this week is the week we're celebrating Valentine's Day, we won't be having a spelling test on Friday. My morning class will stay in my room all day and Mrs. Strasser's morning class will be with her.

Also IMPORTANT!!! This Thursday night at 6:30 is the much anticipated school wide Chinese New Year's celebration. You are more than welcome to bring anyone you think would like to celebrate with you.

I have still not heard from the place we are ordering the Step by Step books from. So if you had wanted to purchase a set, I will hopefully be finding out soon how we will be working it out, and we can get those books into your homes. For those of you who are borrowing a set, we are on What time is it? this week.

Monday February 22nd we will be going on a field trip downtown to see a children's group from China perform. We need chaperones for both classes. If you are interested and available that morning from 9 until almost 12, please let me know.

Also. Last announcement I promise. We are looking for more parent volunteers in the afternoon Chinese class. If you are available, we'd love to have you! Thanks!

Friday, February 5, 2010

New Year's party

Thank you to all the parents involved in making today's new year's celebration such a success!  

A good indicator of how the day was enjoyed by the students came from a little boy  this morning                         who said 
" This is the best day of my whole life!"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tens and ones

We worked a lot today with  the concept of our base ten system of counting. By using lots of manipulatives ( grouping beans, playing with base ten blocks, and sorting bags of little treasures into groups of tens) they caught  onto the concept very well. We've also been working with it every day at calendar since the beginning of the year as we count the days we've been together. 

It was a delight to hear so many positive comments about math today:

                Wow! This is really fun! I did it!!

                Man I'm good at math!

                Wo really xihuan this! (translation: I really like this)

And to see quite a few who were struggling with it have a thrilling moment of understanding.
You can help your child review this concept by saying or writing a number and ask them to tell you how many ones and tens are in that number. Another great way to help them is to give them any number and ask them what ten more or ten less than that number would be, then one more or one less.

Tomorrow we'll be painting the dragon heads and a few other fun things in preparation for our party Friday.

Also, I should know by Friday about ordering the BYU books, so be looking for a note.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Xin nian kuai le!!

The Chinese New Year is almost here! And we're getting excited to begin the celebrations!

This Friday will be the class party. Thank you to all the parents who are helping with that. 

The school-wide celebration put on by the PTA will be next Thursday, February 11th, at 6:30 p.m.  We will be doing a small performance as well as having some of our art work on display, so plan on being there and bring any friends and family who might want to celebrate with you.

This week is a review week, so there were no books sent home. We'll be doing lots of games and activities to help them remember some of the things we've learned so far this year.