Monday, January 11, 2010

A monster is coming!!

That is the title of the book that we'll be working on this week. Because it's a short week, the book is pretty much a review of last week's but using the verbs with a monster coming instead of talking about what two birds like doing. Repetition in different and meaningful contexts is the key to them remembering these words, and they are doing very well with them already.

The afternoon class's homework folders didn't get passed out, so they will get them tomorrow.

Today we started work in centers with a new concept of comparative subtraction. That  is, comparing two sets of numbers and finding the difference between them. This is slightly different than the subtraction we generally think of where we have one set and just take some away. You can help your child work with this by having them play with any number of small objects. Ask them to split the objects into two groups, then line the two groups up side by side. Now compare the two and see how many more/less one group had than the other. Have them say aloud "The difference between five and eight is three." Verbalizing it while moving the objects and seeing it visually will help them internalize the concept.

I will be attending a conference tomorrow, so Patty will be the substitute.


  1. Hi Mrs. Chipman,

    I tried your email address from the Calvin Smith site first, but it bounced back. I am learning mandarin along with my daughter, and I have one request. For the vocabulary sheets that you send home each week, could you write in the tone marks for the pinyin? I’m guessing you are copying the lists from a book or something, but if you could write in the tones before you make copies for the whole class, it would help me learn the vocabulary easier and support my daughter better. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Sure, no problem. I make the lists myself, so it won't be hard to write them on there.