Monday, January 4, 2010

And we're back!!

It was great to see everyone again after the long break. Friends reunited, rules reviewed, and Chinese surprisingly well remembered.

This week we'll be working with the book "You and I" which should either already be at your home (from the Friday before the break) or you should have seen it today in the homework folder. The new words are all action words, like run, dance, swim etc.

We're also soon to begin preparations for the Chinese New year celebrations. I am thinking about doing a little program, and wondering if any of you parents have a past involving choreography? I have a great upbeat Chinese song that would be really fun to have the class dance to. If you would like to help out with that, let me know asap and I can send you the song.


  1. 很负责任的一位中文老师~

  2. 有个问题,您课堂上教的是简体中文还是繁体中文呢?谢谢~