Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gongxi gongxi !

News for the day....

We started work with a New Year's song, read a book about where animals live, practiced listening to books we've read before, counted by two's, played addition games, did DIBELs testing, character practice, and had inside recess due to air quality (or lack of it).

At the conference I attended yesterday we talked about where the students should be this time of year language wise, and all the Chinese immersion teachers shared what their kids were doing. From this point in the year on, we are going to be focusing on helping the kids get as much practice using the language that is now inside their heads. Doing so helps them move toward automaticity in language production, rather than having to search for the words they want, think about how to say them, and then try to pronounce them right.

Reminder that tomorrow is a short day. We will be having a quiz, but it won't effect their grade. It is just for me to see how they are doing with recognizing the characters. If your child isn't getting all the characters, don't be worried. They are primarily developing their oral language (which almost all students are doing very well with) and these quizes and reading are to help them start to move toward literacy.

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