Friday, January 22, 2010

Our great wall of China

Today we made our own bricks from which a great wall of China will shortly be constructed in the hall outside our room. 

Thank you to those who sent back the form about the Step by Step readers. Those of you who sent back that you would like to borrow a complete set for the year, they will be sent home next week. I will be in contact with Susan Gong this week about how she wants us to pay and will send home a note about it next week as well.

Because each set comes with a CD, where the books are read twice through--once by a native child, and then once more by a native adult--- I won't be recording them on lingt site every week. But the vocabulary and phrases for practice will still be available for listening and recording.

If you still need a form, please let me know.

Remember to mark February 11th on your calendars for the Chinese New Years party.

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