Monday, October 26, 2009

Zhe li you ma?

Today's new concept was "Here there is/are____"  "Here there are no_____" in preparation for the reader we're working with in class (which will be coming home next week).

In Chinese, you say "Zhe li you______" to tell someone what is there.  "Zhe li" means here, "you" means there are/there have.

So to say "There are six people here", you would say "Zhe li you liu ge ren" (ren means people).
To say "There are no people here.", you would say "Zhe li mei you ren" (literally "Here no have people").

So to ask someone if anyone's there, you say "Zhe li you ren ma?"
The response is either "you" or "mei you"

The coin of the week is the Penny. So ask your child to tell you about a Penny, to pick out all the Pennies in a pile, or tell you how many Pennies it takes to get the same value as a Nickel or dime.

Today you should have seen a couple of important things:
         Flash cards of numbers and colors with a master list (Thank you to Kim Black for her work on that)
A note about the behavior chart and notes.
If you didn't see/receive either of these, let me know.

Wednesday look for their "Halloween homework" ---- a worksheet where they get to sort and tally their Halloween loot and then bring back the record to share with the class.

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  1. Hi - I know this is an old article but I just wanted to thank you for the great explanation of " zhe li you". It was very straightforward and clear. 😊👍🏼