Monday, October 12, 2009

New seats

You may have heard your child is sitting in a new spot as of today. Perhaps not a huge deal, but there will hopefully be some new friends and names you'll be hearing about as a result. We talk about "Women dou shi peng you men" (We are all friends) almost every day, but being first grade there are still some problems with tattling, hurt feelings, little cliques etc. We're trying to get over that.

We  played a game about a disappearing train (addition and subtraction) as a whole group and had small group work again today. 

New math vocab words are
Jia= add
Jian= subtract

They worked with the hundred's chart, listened and read along to their little readers, made their "Blue horse blue horse" page, and played a partner version of disappearing train. 

Likely the favorite part of the day was P.E., where we ran laps, learned some dodging skills as we played a game called "Spiders and flies", and stretched.

They are getting the names of the shapes more and more every day. We're going to be working a lot more with money, so helping your child be familiar with names, attributes, and values of the coins would be great.

Last thing. If you do get a chance, go to the link on the right and have your child listen to the vocab, then record themselves saying it. This will help me hear them each individually and have a better idea of how they're doing with the tones and pronunciation.  It's a great tool that I would really like to better utilize.

That's it I believe. Great day, and looking forward to another one tomorrow:)

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