Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pai Pai shou= Clap your hands!

We learned part of a new song today which you might have already had the pleasure of hearing your child sing to you.

It reviews the location words we've been learning by clapping hands in the different positions.
It goes:

Pai pai shou (clap clap hands)
Pai pai shou (clap clap hands)
Shang mian pai (clap up)
Xia mian pai (clap down)
Zuo bian pai ( clap left)
You bian pai( clap right)
Qian mian pai (clap front)
Hou mian pai (clap behind)

It has multiple verses which we'll be finishing tomorrow, so ask your child to sing you their new song when you see them tomorrow. I'll also put it on the link to language website tomorrow so you can hear it.

Today we made a horizontal graph to see who has birthdays in which month, practiced asking "How old are you?", and worked with writing numbers in expanded form. 

A few were able to understand taking numbers and writing them in expanded form (where, for example, 432 is 400+30+2), but most struggled. We're going to focus now on just making sure all are able to say which number is in the hundred's spot, ten's spot, and one's spot. Later on in the year we'll come back to expanded form. 

We also read together the "Where are you from?" book. (Afternoon class, your child should have this reader and be practicing reading and listening to it. Books should be brought back on Friday so the morning class can have their turn next week.) We looked at a map and found where the countries are. Nikolas was excited to tell us about Russia and Masaki knew right where Japan was. 

All this week and next we'll be talking more about different countries and diversity, so if you want to look at a globe with your child, talk to them about a different country, or have them bring in something to show and tell from another country, that would be great.

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  1. omgoodness....I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to see how Taylor was doing in class...but now I totally understand what she is singing...hahahahaha she cracks me up, because she sings this all the time through out the house.

    great job...i should probably learn it too...lol