Thursday, October 15, 2009

Up, down, all around

We learned directions. On Wednesday. 

They are:

on top of/above   = shang mian 上面
below/underneath= xia mian下面
inside= li mian 里面
left= zuo bian左边
right= you bian 右边

Can you see the character for above and below are almost mirror images?

That same xia also has a meaning of coming down, while shang means to go up. (xia yu= raining, xia xue=snowing) 

You can add either to the front of the word "qu" (to go) and it tells you exactly how to go.
xia qu=go down, get down (Like telling someone to come down from a tree, or go down a hill)
shang qu= get up there/go on up (Like going up a mountain or stairs)

I'll put these all on out linktolanguage (right) site so you can hear and practice them.

And today we learned about "What's in the school bag?" Shu bao li you shenme?
I'll be sending home vocabulary flash cards with the homework on Monday.

We also learned how to play and say rock paper scissors in Chinese. Ask them to teach you.

They're starting more and more to use the vocab they know in Chinglish sentences with each other. It's pretty impressive. Even things I've never explicitly taught them but they've just heard me or Patty say and picked it up from context. Kids are amazing. I'm so happy for them that Chinese is now a part of the way their brains are wired.


  1. I found a site that has a pronunciation guide with audio clips. It also talks about the Mandarin language a little bit.