Thursday, October 8, 2009

Red bird, Red bird

Wow we had a lot of volunteers today! It was great. We were able to do most the work in small groups, which really helps them focus and engage more in learning. 

I'm not sure how many of you know, but I do have a wonderful part time aid now. She just moved from Taiwan this year, and is thinking about becoming a teacher. So if you've heard about Patty, that's who they're talking about. We also have a Chinese major from the U doing an internship with us. She comes in three afternoons a week to help out. Her name is Tina, and you may have heard about her as well.

Today we worked on the Brown Bear book, reviewed and played games with characters, listened to a native speaker read and  then read along with readers (They are starting to really read on their own!), more work with shapes, and alien math (adding groups of aliens).

We also took a benchmark test for math in the computer lab. I look at these scores to see where we are as a class and individually and know where to focus. They will be taking these tests regularly, so we will be able to see their progress and monitor where they are in their understanding.

Other things of note-- In the morning class, we had a special treat all the way from Taiwan! We got to taste traditional pineapple cakes! I say taste, because I wanted them all to at least try--- but many found they weren't privy to the foreign flavor, made an array of amusing faces, and spit the remains in the garbage. It is definitely and experience they won't forget. That, and seeing what the book Harry Potter looks like in Chinese. Way cool. (Thanks to Andrew's dad for bringing those back to share)

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