Monday, November 2, 2009

November begins!

You should have received a note and two readers today. Please look at the back side of the note, where you will find this week's vocabulary. As explained in the note, your child will be working with these words this week and have a quiz on them Friday.  Please help them review and recognize these characters, sounds, and meanings.

Also, encourage your child to read these books to you, their siblings, grandparents, or even stuffed animals or toys. The more opportunity they have to say these words and feel confidant doing so, the faster they will feel comfortable speaking and reading other phrases and moving around in the language as well. 

The back page of each reader has a list of the words used with English definitions. I will record each book on the link to language site so your child can read along and practice.

Here's a list of the words.

shua ya        brush teeth

起床 qi chuang      get up/out of bed

吃饭  chi fan          eat

以前   yi qian         before

       shu             count

只有     zhi you       only

       tai               too

朋友    pengyou     friend

And a copy of the not in case it didn't make it to you.

Dear Parents

          Great news! The leveled readers from the BYU Chinese Flagship program have arrived. These books have been specifically written to teach the Utah first grade core along with appropriately difficult and useful Chinese.  We have enough to let each child take these books home weekly. Please take good care of and use them as much as possible. Send them back to school every Friday with homework.

          From now on, our Chinese curriculum will be a combination of these books and the Better Chinese program (from which all students now have workbooks).

           Every Monday I will send home a list of the words we’ll be using in these stories. These words will also be recorded on the lingt website so you can hear and practice them. Every Friday we will have a quiz on these words. Except for the two on the list that are bold, it will be recognition only (they do not need to know how to write them all, but to be able to circle them or connect them to a matching picture) .  They will be asked to write only the two in bold.

           Please email or comment on the blog if you have any questions.

 Thanks!! (xie xie)

Mrs. Chipman


  1. Is it possible to purchase these readers, so that we can have them at home and learn ourselves?

  2. Yes. I can get the information for you. I know this is just their first printing, and there are some small problems they're fixing and will be printing again.