Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Brush brush brush!

Today's topic: teeth+ subtraction = loosing teeth, a topic first graders are all too familiar with. We read a book today about little brother brushing his teeth and used the tooth loosing process as an opportunity to learn about subtraction.

Hence the mouths you saw come home with removable teeth.

The words for the week and both books are now up on the lingt website to practice.

Keep helping your child practice and review them.

Also one quick comment. There are a few definitions in the back of the book that are incorrect.
In There are people here, 个 does not mean "after". It is a classifier word, like "pair" of shoes or "loaf" of bread. Chinese has many many  classifiers, "ge" being the most generic and frequently used. It's what we use when talking about people. Ex. Yi ge ren =one person.
 人 means people/person, not also.

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