Monday, November 9, 2009

Wentis =Questions

      First, an answer to some questions.

      The readers that are going home... 

I’m sending two readers home each Monday, the Monday following the week we’ve been practicing those same readers in class all week. So your child should be able to read most of the characters they see and have an idea of what they mean. If, however, they need additional help, these books are recorded on the lingt website page by page for them to read along with (so you don’t have to worry about teaching them incorrect pronunciation). The vocabulary is from the readers we are currently working on in class that week. There will be some words recycled, but don’t worry if the words coming home seem to not match the readers at home. They don’t.  I’m staggering it this way so they will get lots of repetition of the same phrases. It should also help them to already feel comfortable with the readers coming home while at the same time be aware of the vocabulary most useful to them in understanding what we’re doing in class that week.

  Each book has a translation of the story in English on the front inside cover, as well as key definitions on the back. The back will define only new words, so words they have had in previous books may not be there. You may notice some small writing below a few characters. This will also only appear under new characters.   

Some have asked about buying this series of books. You do not need to buy them. I am not suggesting you need to. But if you want to, below is Susan's contact information.

Susan Gong
K-12 Linkage Coordinator
BYU Chinese Flagship Center
3067 JFSB
Brigham Young University
Provo, UT 84602

Again, I strongly encourage you to look at our lingt classroom with your child. Don't feel like you need to teach them Chinese or read these books to them. It's all there. And it helps me so much to hear their recordings of them saying these words and phrases.

If there are any questions about this, please comment below. And thank you for your patience with everything. Being the pilot year of the program, we didn't have everything figured out right at the beginning.  We are learning as we go. As I get the materials, I'm implementing them. But I really honestly do value and need your feedback on what you like, what's working, and what is confusing/frustrating so I can change and improve.

Thanks so much!

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