Friday, November 6, 2009

La musica

There are many things quite obviously different when comparing eastern and western cultures. But similarities are there to be found. And were found. Today. As we compared one aspect of these two cultures: music.

After our character quiz (which will be modified for next week----it was a little too hard I think) we looked at  a few paintings with Mrs. Hirschi and talked about what the paintings can tell us about the artist, the people being painted, or the place and lifestyle being represented. 

We then looked at and listened to both a violin and an erhu (a chinese violin-esque instrument) and talked about what we saw and heard that was similar as well as any differences noticed.

After talking about how art, be it music or painting, can make us feel a certain way or help us remember something, each child got a piece of paper and represented in drawing and pasting shapes what the music made them feel. They came up with some incredible art!

Here are the words for next week. Please make flashcards, use the lingt website, or come up with your own way to try and help your child review these characters. There were some confused little faces today as they were asked to identify correct characters. 

  yao       want

  shui      water

早上 zao shang    morning

太阳 tai yang      sun

qu     go

  tian    day

什么 shenme  what

I'll do a better job in the classroom this week helping the practice how the quiz will work and playing games where they have to recognize the characters, so hopefully this next weeks they will get the characters down.

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  1. You are soooo talented and this class was amazing. The instruments were a clear concept and the kids were so attentive. I am glad that I was there and you are right, the artwork was free and beautiful.