Monday, September 28, 2009

What do you see?

We're about to start a book making project based off Eric Carle's Brown Bear Brown Bear. We read it today and practiced saying "What to do you see?" in Chinese.
Ni kan jian shenme? 

They already know "ni" (you) "kan" (see) and "shenme" (what). The extra "jian" is a way of emphasizing that you are both looking and seeing. Like saying that you are looking to the point of seeing.

In small groups we worked with shapes, recognizing characters, and how to write characters.
They should now be familiar with the following characters.

你 ni     好 hao        我 wo         是shi              月yue                   日ri         
you          good       me/I      am/to be     moon/month        day/sun       


It might be helpful to print them out and make flash cards or hang them somewhere your child can see so they become familiar with the characters and associated sounds and meaning.

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