Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today was all about associating numbers with the groups of objects they represent. Most of the class seems to feel pretty comfortable with both the chinese character for each number 1-10 as well as the numeral, though there are quite a few that need help remembering exactly how to write the numeral. (backwards 4's, 6's 7's etc)

One thing your child has heard a lot by now but never had explicitly explained is the phrase "zhe shi shenme?" It literally means " this is what?" and is used when you point to something, like maybe a color, and ask zhe shi shenme? (Remember the shi sounds more like shr) 

You can use this to quiz vocabulary. Colors and numbers especially at this point. Point to a seven and ask "zhe shi shenme?" They should be able to tell you in Chinese.

If you want to ask them about family members you can use a similar phrase "zhe (this) shi (is) shei (who)?"

The shei sounds like shay. 

A short vocabulary list will be sent home tomorrow, so ask about it and try to help them review these words.


  1. Your blog is awesome! Thanks for all you do.

  2. Hi, I love how you have this program, and Taylor just makes me laugh when she's trying to teach me the song she keeps singing...la la la ...you know the rest - anyways, I was wondering because we're not in class and I want to help Taylor learn this, but I'm not sure if I am pronouncing the words correctly - - are there other examples that can help so that I am saying them correctly, I loved the example of shei (shay) ...let me know - appreciate the updates on the blogs, sometimes Taylor is too shy to tell me what she learns..as she walks away singing her song. :)
    Thanks Mona

  3. Sure.

    The one I can think of right now from this post is the zh in zhe is said like a j

    And the e is always a short u sound (shenme is like shunme)

  4. wow....thanks so much...these little things help..and Taylor corrected me with her song...of ly..ly...ly...hahaha