Wednesday, September 2, 2009


We're working on the concepts of days, weeks, and months, which is actually a pretty hard-to-grasp concept for many first graders.  In Chinese, the word for month is "yue".  And being the very logical language that it is, the names of the months are just a number followed by "yue".


January is yi yue (first month)
February is er yue(second month)
March is san yue (third month)
and so on.

So it actually helps the child convert easily to the 9/2/09 form of writing the date, while helping with number sense and understanding  more clearly the sequence of the year as well.

 In math we've continued looking at patterns, and made our own with two colors. We'll be expanding from AB patterns to ABB and ABC tomorrow. 

We began learning parts of the body, beginning with the face.

Today's vocab:

Eyes: yan jing
Ears: er duo
Mouth: zui ba
Hair: tou fa
Nose: bi zi

and the verbs that go with them:

see/look : kan
hear: ting
talk: jiang
nose: wen 

We drew self portraits and labelled the above parts.  We'll keep working with the verbs tomorrow. 

You can encourage them to say "wo yao" (I need/I want/ I have to) for things like
-wo yao wash my hands
-wo yao he shui (I need to drink water)
-wo yao qu cesuo (I need to go to the bathroom)
-wo yao go to bed

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