Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thank you to all the volunteers today! It really does help so much. The kids are much more able to focus and hence get a lot more out of smaller group activites, so really, thanks!

In one of the small groups, they reviewed simple phrases by looking at little books and saying them aloud.

Ni hao
xie xie
bu ke qi (that's fine/you're welcome)
dui bu qi( sorry)
mei guan xi (it's okay)
jia you (go! come on!)

We learned a new song about little chinese lanterns and counting

xiao deng long (little lantern) gao gao gua (hung up high)
yi er san si wu liu qi, yi er san si wu liu qi ba jiu shi,
yi er san si wu liu qi  (counting)

Sung to the tune of  "I love you, you love me" (made quite famous by a one purple dinosaur)

In the morning class we worked some more with the phrase "wo xi huan" = I like, and graphed who like different hobbies.

In the afternoon class, we had guests from China come for a special visit and answer questions. The kids seemed to really like talking to "real Chinese people". Many hadn't thought that people from other countries have to learn English when they come here, or realized how far away China is and that there are really people all over the world that speak Chinese.

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