Thursday, October 21, 2010

我爱我的家 I love my family

Loved seeing many of you at the carnival. Halloween doesn't get much better than being six years old.

Tomorrow I will be at a conference for Dual Immersion teachers. Mrs. Wu will be teaching, and they will be making a book about family members. We have been working on how to write the characters for different members of the family this week.

Below is a clip from of a family tree using chinese characters, beginning with grandparents on either side. Father is on the left, mother on the right. The character at the top is "Jia" which can mean both family or home.


This coming week is a short week, with no school on Friday. We will be working on vocabulary for the rooms and things in our houses.

*Something cool: If you eat at Panda express Friday, Oct 22, 20% of the proceeds will go to our school.

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  1. I've actually read all of your posts. For some reason I wasn't able to post a comment until now. The clip for this blog didn't work.