Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

So please send your children in enough clothing to make playing outside in the snow during recess a pleasant experience.

Today we learned how to say

Snow _______________ xue

It's snowing! ____________ xia xue le

Snow ball ______________ xue qiu

Snow man _______________ xue ren

I know that xue is close to meaningless to you as far as letting you know what sound to make. When you see an x, you make a sh sound. So the word xue is similar to a "Shhhh" smashed into the front of "weigh". We will keep practicing and hopefully your kids can just teach you how to say it correctly.

In math, we are working more with subtraction. Ask your child to tell you how to say "add", "minus" and "equals" in Chinese. We are also talking about tens and ones. So you can quiz your child by giving them a double digit number and asking how many tens and ones are in that number. We've been using blocks and drawing it, so asking them to draw a number using tens and ones would also be a great review.

Reminder that there is no school Friday.

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