Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Which country are you from?

We've been talking about various countries and what people from those countries are called in Chinese. It has become clear that the the geographical sense of six and seven year olds is quite varied, often limited, and always amusing.

"Other countries? Yeah, I've been to another country. I went to twin falls once. And you wanna know what's crazy? They just speak like us there. They speak English!"

"Is China almost as big as Taylorsville?"

"My cousins are from another country. They are from West Jordan."

etc. etc.

We've been looking at maps, globes, flags, and pictures from other countries, and learning how to ask what country someone's from, and how to answer that we live in America.

In math, we're working with telling time to the hour, number combinations to ten, using tens and ones to show a number, and adding or taking away a ten from a double digit number.


  1. I love the comments about other countries. It's an abstract concept for my daughter too, but I try to work with her on it. I can't imagine all the ways that the immersion program is helping to expand their knowledge, not only of language, but of other cultures, and ways of thinking.

  2. I was subtituting in third grade this week and they were having a hard time with the difference between country and state. It's a pretty consistant topic of conversation at our house but it is so nice to have it talked about in many places.