Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So apparently personal blogs like mine are not allowed in China. Hence no updates on the trip. I'll try and put some pictures up soon though, along with a summary of the trip.

This week we are talking about what we like to eat, starting with fruits. Ask your child to name a few. We know

apple ping guo
pear li
banana xiang jiao
strawberry tsao mei
grapes pu tao
watermelon xi gua

We're also working with counting like coins. So first recognizing the coin and it's value, then knowing how to count by fives and tens.


  1. The other day at dinner Russell suddenly shouted, "Who knows what pu tao means?" And, nobody but the baby raised her hand. He proudly said, "Grapes. Who knows what xiang jiao means?" Again - baby raised her hand - but she can't talk yet. He proceeded to go through all these fruits and he was so proud that he was the only one that knew what they meant. I was proud that he remembered what he learned in school!