Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am awesome!

Not me. That's the book we've been working with this week, as we continue to learn vocabulary about ourselves. We've been talking about how to be nice to others and how to make friends as well. So if you're looking for some dinner conversation, ask them what it means to be a good friend, what it means to be a good student, and why would want to be either.

We took our September math benchmark tests today, so I have a much better picture of where each student is and will start to differentiate more accordingly.

Thank you so much to the parents who have volunteered this week! Thanks in particular to Maddison Watt's lovely mother who is typing up the directory for us. We get that copied and sent home to you sometime next week.

This is a great group of kids, and they all seem to be getting along very well. We're having lots of fun and learning so much every day!

Also, this is a great website for parents interested in learning Chinese

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