Monday, September 27, 2010


Your child should have brought home their homework folder today. And if they just turned it in from last week today, it's just fine. When there's no school on Friday, try to have them bring it Thursday, but if they forget, I will still take it the following Monday.

Inside is their math homework, reading slip, and a paper we began (some finished) today that is writing the character for "month" 月

If it is not finished, please have them finish it, making sure to follow the correct stroke order. If it is done, ask them to show you the correct way to write it. (Steps can be found on the top of the sheet)

We'll be working a lot with sorting and bar graphs this week, so if they're eating or playing with anything that could be sorted or counted and put into groups, do it! We're also doing money, beginning with the penny and nickel.

Also, the directory is finished. Look for it in the Thursday notes this week.

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