Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A new year has begun!!

And I am so excited about the progress your children have already made! They are doing a fantastic job, and their hard work is paying off.

This week we have been reviewing things learned at Startalk ( numbers, colors, family members, greetings, basic commands) as well as working on how to be polite in Chinese. We will be using a series of readers from throughout the year, and have begun work on the first two.

Your child should know/be working on:

How are you?
I am well!
Thank you
You're welcome
I'm sorry.
It's alright.
Come with me

You're child might also be incredibly tired each day when they get home. Their brains have been working harder than most six year olds' :)

Ask your child to tell you what our classroom rules are (They are the same for both mine and Mrs. Cretsinger). And then give them a hug and tell them they are wonderful for trying so hard and doing so well with Chinese.

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