Saturday, July 31, 2010

to answer a few questions

Hello hello

Hope all are enjoying summer. It was definitely fun to see all your kids again for the 2nd grade Startalk. And to see they haven't forgotten everything.

Just to make a few things clear, the classes for next year (2nd grade) were split up in May by Brittney and I. We talked about each child and tried our best to make two classes where kids will get a chance to make new friends and have a different experience than last year. Hopefully you all still have the directory from last year (thank you Brandy) and can find numbers and addresses of these new friends.

It's kind of hard to believe they really are 2nd graders now. But they are in good hands, and I'm super excited for the progress you and they will see as they start to read and write more Chinese their second grade year.

And for those of you that will be coming into the program this year (my first grade classes for the coming year) : welcome!
I had a few parents ask what their child should bring in their backpack to Startalk. Just a lunch. That's it. We'll provide the rest.