Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tens and ones

We worked a lot today with  the concept of our base ten system of counting. By using lots of manipulatives ( grouping beans, playing with base ten blocks, and sorting bags of little treasures into groups of tens) they caught  onto the concept very well. We've also been working with it every day at calendar since the beginning of the year as we count the days we've been together. 

It was a delight to hear so many positive comments about math today:

                Wow! This is really fun! I did it!!

                Man I'm good at math!

                Wo really xihuan this! (translation: I really like this)

And to see quite a few who were struggling with it have a thrilling moment of understanding.
You can help your child review this concept by saying or writing a number and ask them to tell you how many ones and tens are in that number. Another great way to help them is to give them any number and ask them what ten more or ten less than that number would be, then one more or one less.

Tomorrow we'll be painting the dragon heads and a few other fun things in preparation for our party Friday.

Also, I should know by Friday about ordering the BYU books, so be looking for a note.

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