Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Xia xue le! 下雪了!!

That's how you say " It's snowing". Which it did. In great abundance. And I'm so glad you all made it safely to school today. When the bell rang we had about 7 kids. The excitement about such great amounts of snow could hardly be contained. But we somehow managed and actually had a very productive day.

In centers we practiced writing shape characters and simple sentences, worked with tan grams, addition and subtraction, and math seat work.

We did an activity with the sentence 看起来像  kan qi lai xiang (looks like)  and  什么形状 shenme xing zhuang (what shape). We pulled objects out of a bag and filled in the sentence frame:
_______looks like what shape? ______looks like_______. Then extended the activity with a sheet at their desk where they looked around the room for objects that looked like shapes and drew them into the same sentence.  

This same phrase is the one that is repeated in this week's book. Each new page is not new characters. Basically the only thing that changes on each page is the fruit being compared and the shape.

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