Monday, August 31, 2009

Last day of August

We started working with our calendar today. We went over days of the week in Chinese, and looked at how a calendar works.

Days of the week in chinese begin with "xing qi__" and then add in the number for whichever day of the week it is.

Monday= xing qi yi (day one)
Tuesady= xing qi er  (day two )
Wednesday= xing qi san (day three etc..)
Thursady= xing qi si
Friday= xing qi wu
Saturday= xing qi liu
Sunday= xing qi ri

So because your children already know how to count, days of the week are pretty simple.

We also counted numbers and compared quantities (boys and girls etc).

Girl= nu sheng
Boy= nan sheng

You can help your child practice the sentence "wo shi_____"  (I am_____) and put in the correct term.

Finally, we are still working on rules and appropriate behavior. Keep encouraging your child to try their hardest to listen and pay attention so they and everyone else can be a good learner. Review with them what that might look like and sound like, and why they might want to be a good learner.

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