Friday, August 28, 2009


They've made it through the first week!! And I'm sure they're exhausted. But they made it.

Today we reinforced the names of family members (keep reviewing it with them at home) and learned a new song. 

These are the words:

Lai lai lai, pengyou men  (Come come come, friends)
Wo men da jia yi qi (all of us together)
lai chang ge (come and sing)

lai tiawu (come and dance)
zuo youxi (play games)
Wo men da jia yi qi (all of us together)
xue zhong wen (learn Chinese)

-remember the x is said like sh-

Some words you might hear them (or encourage them to) say

Peng you --friend
dui bu qi --sorry
zuo xia-- sit down
hen hao-- very good
hen bang!!--awesome
jia you--keep it up/way to go/you can do it

Ask your children to say it for you so you can hear the right tones.

 Also.....I haven't sent home a note yet about this blog, and I know I don't have everyone's email addresses, so feel free to spread the word, and I'll get a note home Monday.

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