Thursday, December 15, 2011

Twas the week before Christmas break

This week we have been working on vocabulary to talk about the things we use and do at school. For some practice with these words, click on the lingt link. We have also been learning about seasons and the weather that usually accompanies each. Knowing the seasons and months in order is a first grade math standard. You can help your child by playingva game of " Tell the the month/season that comes before/after __________." Or give them weather clues and have them tell you the season.

In other math, we have been doing work with subtraction stories, addition practice, and are starting work on memorizing doubles and using the doubles plus/minus one strategy for addition. Example: we know 3+4=7 because we already know 3+3=6, so it is a doubles plus one.

As always, try to work in little math stories with your kids whenever you can. The more they see and are used to connecting what is happening around them to numbers and number sentences, the less intimidating and more fun math becomes.

Last thing. I was helping out in third grade today, and was so happy to see how great these kids are doing in Chinese. They are so comfortable with it and really speak no English at all in class. It seemed so natural to them. They are already at a level most learning Chinese only wish they could be.

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