Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is here (almost)

And we are excited to be able to play outside. We are learning how to say the names of sports.

In Chinese, to play with a ball, the verb "hit" 打(da) is used in any sport in which the hands are used to play. For example, to say "play tennis" you say "hit net ball", or 打网球( da wang qiu)。The word for ball is 球 qiu.

The exception is soccer, where instead you kick, or ti 踢。

Characters __Pinyin ________English_____ literal translation:
打棒球 _____da bang qiu _______play baseball ______hit stick ball
打网球 _____da wang qiu _______play tennis _______hit net ball
打乒乓球 ___da ping pang qiu _____play ping pong___ hit ping pong ball
打冰球_____ da bing qiu ________play hockey ______hit ice ball
打篮球 _____da lan qiu_________ play basketball ____hit basket ball
提足球 _____ti zu qiu ___________play soccer______kick foot ball
打美式足球 __da mei shi zu qiu _____play football ___hit american style soccer

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