Monday, November 8, 2010

SEP's and Vocab lists

We have typed up a schedule and will be sending it home tomorrow of everyone's times for conferences next Monday and Tuesday. Many were wondering if the kids will still be having school that day. Yes. They will. We will just have subs that day to allow for enough time to meet with everyone. If your conference is Monday during the day, just check in with the office, get your child out of class, and they accompany them back to class afterwards.

Also, sorry if we are/have been slow at answering emails. Our computers have been down, and our email inaccessible.

I saw on many of the returned forms that you would like to see a list of vocabulary words each week and perhaps a composite of what words the kids should know up to this point. I am happy to do it and appreciate the feedback. I did that last year but many parents felt like they were then responsible for teaching their kids the words.

If I send home a list Monday, it will be with words we will be working on that week, so your child won't know them yet. By Friday they should be fairly comfortable with them. But if there are a few they still do not know, please do not feel like you have to teach them. In fact, as kindly as I can say it, please do not try to teach them Chinese :) This is also what happened last year with the lists, and then some kids memorized words incorrectly or had to learn them twice.

To avoid this, I will record the list on lingt so you can hear them and your child can practice them correctly. Also, we constantly review, reuse, and re-teach vocabulary words, so if the words are not sinking in the first week for whatever reason, they will have plenty of chances to absorb.

Thanks for all you do for your kids! I love teaching and spending all day with them. They are doing incredible things daily.

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