Monday, May 24, 2010

The last little bit


Here are a few important and fun things to know.

Wednesday, May 26th is the school wide SAFETY FAIR. Encourage your child to walk or ride their bike safely to school that day. Assuming it will not be snowing :)

Thursday, May 27th short day

Thursday, June 3rd Movie and field day. We will watch the movie in the morning and have field day that afternoon. If you are interested in volunteering that day please let me know.

Also we will be sending home note with a list of readers we still do not have back from you... so check backpacks for that.


  1. We love you! Thanks for all that you do! I would love to volunteer Thursday, let me know if you need anything?

  2. I would also love to volunteer on Thursday June 3rd. Let me know when to show up and what you need me to do. Thanks!
    Lisa Stowe (Tanner)

  3. I would love to volunteer on June 3rd. Let me know what, when and all that good stuff.
    Nikki (D'mitri)

  4. Let's see if I can get this to work this time...WOW!!! I love your blog!!! I missed the boat somewhere along the way (way back in Aug). I must not have missed a note that was sent home telling us that your were giving us such a great tool to help our students. I love the lingtlanguage site and plan to use it this summer to keep D'mitri practicing. I plan to follow your blog next year to get any extra help with D'mitri's studies. I am so impressed and feel horrible that I was oblivious to this great blog!!!!Thank you again!!!