Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring is here!

Beautiful day today.

We took our last Math Acuity benchmark test today, and all did very well. You should be proud of your kids:)

Homework will be coming home tomorrow:

Book: We are all very busy at school

This week we will focus on review and expansion of body vocab as well as an introduction to sports words.

There will be an optional assignment on the lingt website.

New words for the week:

打篮球 da lan qiu play basketball

比赛 bi sai competition or race

体育课 ti yu ke p.e.

运动 yun dong exercise

mang busy

Quiz on Friday will be recognition based. They will be asked to match characters to pinyin.



July 19-23rd (2nd grade)

August 9-13th (1st grade)

And last but not least.... hope you're all planning on coming to the PTA run on Saturday, April 24th. A great way to finish our week learning about exercise in Chinese:)

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  1. I was interesting and exciting to hear Andrew translate and answer the question on the lingt site! Great idea!